March 11 1993

       LABOR AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES       10:00 a.m.

PRESIDING CHAIRMEN:          Senator Coalpietro       Representative Lawlor


SENATORS:                    Maloney, DeLuca

REPRESENTATIVES:             Demarinis, Esposito, Eberle, Donovan, Buonocore, Boughton, Andrews, Cafero,

                             Powers, Jackson-Brooks,Dargan


SEN. COLAPIETRO:  Thank you for your testimony.  That

    concludes our public hearing.  Was there anybody

    who didn't sign up, that's signed up?  You didn't sign

    up?  How many are you that didn't sign up?  Why

    don't you sign up now and we'll finish it, the

    three of you.  Come on down and get in line over

    here.  Is there a list over there?  There's a whole

    list over here.  We'll be here until midnight.  Is

    it Frank Guerrera and Tony Madden?  Why don't you

    step right up there and just announce your name for

    the record?

ANTHONY MADDEN:  My name's Anthony Madden and I was

    here with Program Review when they did similar to

    this, too.  A couple of problems.  First, you're

    talking about cutting the benefits.  I think the

    first thing you should look at is to make sure the

    people are getting the benefit.

    I've gone through so many things here.  Three

    minutes is kind of short, but one thing I'm asking

    the committee is Program Review gave me a letter to

    go to the Chief State's Attorney's Office.

    Inspector Rizzo came down, looked into my case.  I

    have, as far as I'm considered, fraud used in my

    case, lies, and misconduct of a Commissioner.

    Today I just had a formal hearing.  Commissioner

    Verrilli down in Bridgeport.  I brought up the

    points which were given to the Commissioner, of

    everything that was wrong and he refused to hear it


    All he would listen to today was that I never had a

    myeloma, the doctor said it was an erroneous

    mistake.  I don't know anybody else to turn to.

    I've been to the Governor's Office, I've been to

    Program Review.  I've been up to Mr. Blumenthal's

    Office.  The Chief Inspector's Office did do an

    investigation, but only as far as the myelogram


    When a personnel manager comes in from a shop and

    testifies that there's no light duty and I don't

    know, maybe a matter of a month or so later, at a

    formal hearing again, he testifies yes, there is

    light duty, only for 30 days, I think that's a

    little bit of fraud or whatever else you want to

    call it.  He lied under oath and everything else,

    and as an injured person, you have nobody to turn

    to get help.

    I've come with many people from the group justice

    and also with the injured people for injured

    rights.  There's too much going wrong.  As an

    injured person, you have no place to go to to get

    help, and you want to cut benefits.  People aren't

    receiving the benefits.  The insurance companies

    laugh because they have enough money where they

    could outwait you for years and years.  I mean

    here, from 1989, we went to 1991.  Here's 1993.

    Now I got to go contest this whole formal all over

    again.  This is causing the backlogs, because the

    Commissioner's neglecting to do his job.

    If he listened to the case that he messed up first

    thing today, it would be all over, maybe.  I don't

    know.  But now I have to go and contest this all

    over.  That's why I grabbed Mr. Frankel earlier,

    but he didn't want to talk because he'll probably

    have to hear the case again.

    I'm just here really to ask the committee to ask

    the Chief State's Attorney's Office to look into

    this again, because I don't know whey they only did

    a little bit of an investigation and neglected to

    look at the rest.  I could prove it.  I have the

    facts.  If you have fraud and misconduct and stuff,

    somebody should look at it.  I don't know who else

    to turn to.  Thank you very much.