Can you answer these simple Workers Compensation Questions?

1. - What exactly is workmans comp or workers compensation?

2. - How soon should you notify an employer of a workmans comp injury?

3. - If you have a workers comp case and can return to light duty, must your employer find you a job?

4. - How much do you get for workmans comp or workers compensation?

5. - How much do you receive on a weekly basis for workers compensation?

6. - Can an employer dispute a workers compensation claim?

7. - What happens if you lose a workmans comp case at arbitration?

8. - Why would an employer dispute a worker's compensation claim?

9. - What injuries are covered by workmens compensation?

10. - Can you file for workmens comp and also file for social security disability?

11. - How much of your earnings do you get in workman's comp benefits?

12. - When do workman's compensation benefits start?

13. - When can you file a claim for workmans comp?

14. - What does workman's comp or workers compensation provide for?

15. - What are the main benefits of workers compensation?

16. - Who decides if you get workman's comp benefits or not?

17. - Is there a statute of limitations for workers compensation claims?

18. - How do you start the workman's compensation process?

19. - What jobs are usually not covered by workmen's comp?

20. - Who actually pays workmans compensation benefits?

21. - Are mental or psychological conditions covered by workers compensation?

22. - Is an independent contractor covered by workmans comp?

23. - Can your employer retaliate on a workmans compensation claim?

24. - Will my employer think my workman's comp claim is not legitimate?

25. - What medical expenses will workers compensation pay for?

26. - Does a workmans comp injury have to be from a specific accident?

27. - Can I get workers comp even if the accident was my fault?

28. - Do you need a lawyer for a workmans comp claim?

29. - How do you choose a worker's compensation lawyer or attorney?

30. - How much does a workers comp attorney or workers compensation lawyer get paid?

31. - If you have a workmans comp injury, can you choose the doctor who sees you?