March 11 1993

       LABOR AND PUBLIC EMPLOYEES       10:00 a.m.

PRESIDING CHAIRMEN:          Senator Coalpietro       Representative Lawlor


SENATORS:                    Maloney, DeLuca

REPRESENTATIVES:             Demarinis, Esposito, Eberle, Donovan, Buonocore, Boughton, Andrews, Cafero,

                             Powers, Jackson-Brooks,Dargan

REP. LAWLOR:  Are there any other questions?  If not,

    thank you very much.  Next Bonnie Jukowski.

     Go ahead, Bonnie.

BONNIE JUKOWSKI:  Thank you.  Good afternoon.  My name

    is Bonnie Tskowski.  I'm a trooper first class with

    the Connecticut State Police Department.  I've been

    a member of the Connecticut State Police Department

    for the past ten and a half years.

    Like my colleagues who testified earlier, I was

    also injured attempting to apprehend a felony

    suspect.  On December 3, 1991, while in pursuit of

    a vehicle whose occupants were wanted for burglary,

    my cruiser became involved in a motor vehicle

    accident.  When a passing motorist failed to yield

    to my audible warning the flashing lights, the

    impact forced my cruiser to spin and slide out of

    control.  My cruiser struck a large tree and two

    telephone poles.

    The burglary suspects were able to allude capture.

    I, however, was not able to allude injury.

    Initially I was diagnosed with cervical and

    trapezoidal strain.  After several months of

    treatment and additional testing, I was diagnosed

    with a herniated cervical disc.  Six months after

    the motor vehicle accident, I underwent surgery to

    remove the herniated disc and also had a cervical

    fusion.  Ten months have now passed since the

    surgery.  I continue to suffer from complications.

    I have diagnosed with a condition called "thoracic

    outlet syndrome".

    This condition causes a nerve to be compressed

    between my clavicle and my first rib.  I continue

    to have pain, numbness and weakness to my neck,

    right shoulder, right upper quadrant, right rib

    cage, right arm and right hand, my strong hand.

    Because of my current physical condition, I am

    unable to return to full law enforcement duties,

    let alone a light duty assignment.

    In addition to the physical complications, this on

    duty motor vehicle accident caused personal

    complications.  Forty days prior to the motor

    vehicle accident, I was married.  During the past

    15 months of my injury, the one constant thing in

    my life has been the workman's compensation

    benefits.  Being a newlywed, my husband and I have

    not had to endure any financial complications.  The

    physical and personal complications have been


    As a state trooper, I always served the state of

    Connecticut and its citizens with 100% of my

    effort.  That effort was displayed on December 3,

    1991.  The plea to the labor committee members for

    100% of their support.  A reduction in our

    hazardous duty workman's comp benefits would send a

    clear message to all law enforcement officers that

    80% of your support will reduce to 80% of our

    effort.  Thank you.