This newly appointed Workers Compensation Commissioner by Governor Rell is right out of the corruption mold of Nationwide Insurance Company  contracted  law offices of Donna Maria Lonergan, 500 Enterprise Dr. Rocky Hill, CT.  Nationwide  feels more secure calling these law offices (independents) but  house them in their  own office buildings (rent subsidy) and give the lawyers  leased company cars. 

"The claimant suffered a heart attack and died on January 15, 1991. At the time of the incident, he was giving a deposition as part of a lawsuit involving his former employer and East Coast Office Systems, Inc. (ECOS)", (which company is Nationwide Insurance, aka The Law offices of Larry H. Lewis 500 Enterprise Dr. Rocky Hill, CTand the attorney was the same (******) attorney that I encountered in my claims against Nationwide Insurance. .  From my experience this little (*****) of an attorney may be passive compared the the other (*****) attorneys I was to meet in the next 17 years.)

Looks like a duck, walks like a  duck, it is a crummy, lying  lawyer.

They know how to obtain false doctors reports against workers from fradulent doctors.  Insurance companies claim workers doctor shop.  They don't have to doctor shop, they already have purchased them.

The law firm he was employed is the same lying group of lawyer weasels that lied about my medical requirements, delaying the surgery that saved my life. Apparently when the firm stinks to much from their rotten lies, they just change the name as they have done 3 times in the 18 years they have harassed my life.

The typical ruse they use is to have these lawyers join civic boards as perfume.  This new commissioner is supposedly involve in local, Andover, CT youth groups. Andover and area is nice, with nice people.  We don't need Nationwide lawyers living here.

And like all the lousy lawyers in the Workers Compensation venue, they know how corrupt it is and have done nothing to correct it.

This makes them as guilty as the corrupt workers compensation commissioners. These lawyers go to the hearings and listen to the commissioner rants about how they do not like Yale or Uconn doctors and evidentiary abuse of workers, without speaking up. 

This makes them as criminal.

A pig lawyer in a dress is still a stinking pig.