Here is my question for Governor Rell:             (Heartless Comment below)

How would you have felt if some old man (Workers Comp Commissioner) told you that you could not have your surgery?  Dead?

How would you feel if you paid every penny you had for your own surgery and it proved that the old man was wrong,,,,, and you lived?

Why do you think your tits and family are more important than my lumbar discs and my family?  Grow up Rell.

How do you explain your anti-workers compensation attitude and the culture of corruption in it?

Our Lady of Oblivion - do you really believe she did not see the Rowland years of corruption?  Rell Smells Too

Labor Committee meeting March 4, 2008 -  Three injured workers testified about their condition and pleaded for help. Following was the general response.

 "There is nothing that the law or any legislator or attorney can do to make your life whole again in the Connecticut Workers Compensation system from a job related injury.  There is no system here in CT to enable us to say you are 100% whole again".  Representative Melissa Olson

"It is terrible, IT STINKS, that the workers compensation law can not make injured workers whole".
  Representative Melissa Olson

Governor Rell - Do you also agree that the Connecticut Workers Compensation system is incapable of making compensation to injured workers for their loss?
Rep. Olson says the commission stinks, I think I smell a rat.

"Workers Compensation is a Judical  System -the Commissioners are Judges".  Representative Melissa Olson CT-N Recorded testimony 3:00:08

 No one on the Labor committee spoke up to correct this statement.  That is how corrupt Workers Compensation has become.  The operation of Connecticut Workers Compensation has become the judical system it was designed to replace in 1910 to the detriment of all? 

What are you going to do about it Governor Rell?

My first report of Workers Compensation corruption to you was July 6, 2004.
My second report of Workers Compensation corruption to you was October 4, 2004.
For the record - I was escorted from your office at the State Capitol no less than 3 times begging for help. I could not afford pain medication let alone buy cake.

"Heartless Comment"

There is a reincarnation of Marie Antoinette occupying the chair of the lieutenant governor. It saddens me that someone elected to help and serve those other than business interests in our state, could joke about and intensify the struggles and suffering of injured workers [Business, April 11, "Rowland Urges CBIA To Lobby Against Tax Increases"].

The Courant reported that at a Connecticut Business and Industry Association function, Lt. Gov. Jodi Rell suggested she would buy dessert for a business member if he could win votes against proposals to undo workers' compensation reforms.

How heartless. In 2000, fifty-five Connecticut workers went to work and never came home. Thousands of working people in our state are injured and disabled by on-the-job accidents, and Connecticut's workers' compensation system is woefully inadequate in its ability to fairly adjust for loss of life or limb, scarring and disfigurement.

Thousands of people in many occupations don't think it's funny to try to survive after trauma, and they are not laughing about spending their lives in a state of physical, emotional and, often, financial distress. Obviously, Rell cares more about business profits than reconstructing human lives.

So what does Rell suggest to the struggling masses? Let them eat cake while she buys dessert for the business guy.

Leo Canty (Mr. Canty is not picketing)
Call Governor Rell and tell her to Paybilly and the other injured workers.  860-566-4840 and toll-free 800-406-1527.