Honorable Governor Rell                               
State Capitol
State of Connecticut
Hartford, CT  06106
October 4, 2004

Dear Governor Rell;

I had received a note from your office on July 21, 2004 that you had made an inquiry to Workers Compensation about my problems, thank you.  And as yet not had any communications.

 Or maybe I have.

There is a new development after fourteen years.  Seems if I want to have a hearing I need to come up with $ 10,000 or so in attorney fees.  Funny how that never came up before.  Back in 1993 an attorney bilked me out of $ 1500.00.  As the only avenue I have to produce this money, obviously after not working for fourteen years, a divorce and paying medical bills, is to sell my house.

I would like to meet with you to express my disappointment that I now have to sell my house and ask you if this is reasonable expectation you would understand how an injured worker be compensated.