Honorable Governor Rell
State of Connecticut
July 6, 2004

Dear Governor Rell;

My story of disability from a work accident 13 years ago is too lengthy for this letter, but what is of concern is how I have not received Workers Compensation Benefits.  And a Commissioner denied me medical benefits when I had scheduled an informal hearing where my wife and I pleaded for Emergency Medical help.  We were summarliy denied past, present and future medical benefits.  The Commissioner, without the request of the insurance carrier representatives made the denial.  I don’t know if this would fit into your inquirey of a “culture of corruption”.  It is this understanding which I seek.

Today I do not even know the name of the Commissioner of Workers Compensation.  The last on I knew was Jesse Frankl.  Since that era 1997, I have been attempting to seek representation in a formal hearing and cannot which is apparently is another defect in the present system.  I have suffered chronic pain 24hr. a day, which lead to the loss of my family through divorce in 1995.  The program designed to provide quick no fault relief has become as adversarial and lengthy as civil proceedings, except it appears decisions may legally be imposed without due process towards the injured workers.    I only have newpaper knowledge of the
$ 25,000 contribution by Berkley Insurance to former Governor John Rowland.  Even before this story broke, but after the intitial ethical suspicions, I had strongly believed there would be a corruption link in Workers Compensation.  I can’t say that corruption has always been my suspicion, but I know things are not and have not been fair and I suspect like all the other issues and layers you are now uncovering, an examination here may bring to your attention many additional facts.  I have always believed I was a product of profit for someone.

I am contacting Senators and Representatives this summer in hopes to make changes in the Workers Compensation Program.  I made a statement of purpose for each of the changes I would try and effect legislatively.  I have included my draft for your reference purpose that they will save time here and cohesively outline my plea for help between all parties.  

What I would ask of you is if you could find out how and why I was denied medical benefits at the informal hearing in 1993.